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Science Court Explorations Schedule

                               Each of these activities take place on Saturday mornings.
                               There is a month break between April 1 and May 6.

                                 ~ April 1, 2000 - Magnets (computer interactive) ~
                            Using magnets and a variety of different materials, students
                             find out how some metals can be temporarily turned into

                              ~ May 6, 2000 - Electric Current (computer interactive) ~
                             IM Richmanís alarm system has been tripped.  Did Mary
                             Murray attempt to steal his ping pong trophy?  Or is there
                             something about the electric current in Richmanís alarm
                                           - Electric circuits
                                           - Electric current
                                            - Conductivity

                             ~ May 13, 2000 - Water Cycle (Video and hands-on activities) ~
                           Meteorologist Maria Hernandez takes the stand as an expert
                            witness in the case of Pip Petersonís leaky pipes.  Are the
                           pipes really leaking?  Or are they victims of the water cycle?
                                            -Water Cycle
                                      -Condensation and evaporation
                                           -States of matter

                           ~ May 20, 2000 - Living Things (Video and hands-on activities) ~
                           Walter Williamson writes poems about dearly departed pets.
                           But Clara Swindell wants him to write about some very strange
                                   things.  Were Claraís things ever alive?
                                       -Introduction to classification
                                 -Characteristics of living, non-living, and dead
                                         -Cells and organisms

                             ~ May 27, 2000 - Fossils  (Video and hands-on activities) ~
                           Jack Jenkins is accused of planting a dinosaur fossil to halt the
                             construction of a new cafe.  Is it a fake or is the puzzling
                                      process of petrification involved?
                                           -Types of fossils
                                       -Conditions for fossilization
                                            -Fossil record

                              ~ June 3, 2000 - Inertia (Video and hands-on activities) ~
                           Motion expert Dr. Julie Bean gets help from Stenographer Fred
                             as Science Court seeks to find out why Cramwood gets a
                             bump on the back of his head every time he applies the
                                      -Newtonís First Law of Motion
                                           -Force and friction
                                           -Mass and inertia

                                           ~ June 10, 2000
                            Work and Simple Machines (Video and hands-on activities) ~
                           Whoís the laziest worker at Robocorp?  The scientific definition
                                   of work may reveal a surprising answer.
                                           -Simple machines
                                         -Mechanical advantage

                           If you have any questions or are interested please contact Terri
                                    Craft at or 347-9172

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