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WyCAS Testing Yes or No?
In March, the editor of the Thermopolis Independent Record
published an editorial about WyCAS testing all students,
including homeschooled students.  In response to the editorial,
a letter was submitted by Dennis and Libby Meier.  To read the
articles published in the Thermopolis Independent Record,
please click here.

The New Services Page
The Services page has finally been added to HomeschoolHub.
For a list of services available to homeschoolers, please check
out the links above or Click Here.  If you have any services
or talents you can lend to other homeschoolers, or know of
one, please send the information to

Welcome to HomeschoolHub!
HomeschoolHub has been running for several months now.
The purpose of this website is to provide homeschoolers in
Wyoming's Big Horn Basin information on upcoming events
and services.  If you are reading this page, you are viewing
HomeschoolHub in the older browser version.  Click Here
if you want to see the 'glitzy' HomeschoolHub.

This website isn't very large at the moment.  With the support
from homeschoolers who submit information this website will
grow and contain up-to-date information (though this past
month has been slow in updating, I apologize).  Included in this
website are Events, Services, and Links.

Thank you for taking some time in viewing this website!
Information on contacting HomeschoolHub is located below.

Alan Ferguson

Congratulations to Essay Winners!
Ashley Craft and Michael Nelson of Worland are first place
winners in the Americanism Essay Contest, sponsored by
American Legion Auxiliary Floyd Minch Unit 44. Alan ferguson
received an Honorable Mention for his entry.  They each
received a monetary award, certificate, and the first place
essays are being sent to the state level competition.

To read the essays, Click Here

Contact Information

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other kind of communications to HomeschoolHub, write to:

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