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Last updated April 9, 2000 - 10:00 PM

The Services Page is a list of services, talents, and classes,
for homeschoolers in the Worland/Ten Sleep area.  If you have
information regarding a service or talent you can lend, or know
of one, please send the information to

New Services

Piano Tuning and Repair - Breece Ferguson of Worland has
18 years experience in tuning and repairing pianos.  He can be
contact at 307-347-3071 or

An opening on the State Board of H.O.W. will open up soon.
Anyone interested in this position call Donna Schiltz at
307-754-3271.  You must be from Park, Big Horn, Washakie,
or Hot Springs county.

Home | Events | Services | Links | About