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    Americanism Essays
Congratulations to all those who placed in the Americanism Essay Contest sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary Floyd Minch Unit 44.  These essays will continue to the state level competition.  Great Job!

Currently published essays written by Michael B. Nelson II and Ashley Craft

More essays will follow once the authors have been contacted.

    Grades 3 through 6
Why I'm Proud to be an American
Michael B. Nelson II
4th Grade
First Place

I'm proud to be an American because I've been in so many countries that do not have the rights and privileges the United States has.  Some of these privileges are liberty, justice, and equal rights.  Every citizen of the United States has these rights.

First we have the liberty of speech, to speak freely about any issue.  We also have the liberty of religion, which gives us the choice of faith.  Bearing arms is a right, so that we can defend ourselves.  We also have the right to vote, so that we can choose our leaders.

Next, we have justice.  When one is put on trial, one is innocent until proven guilty.  In some countries one is guilty until proven innocent.  We also have trial by jury.  Once they decide when you are guilty or not, one can not take that person back to court for the same crime.  It would be Double Jeopardy.  We also have a right to defend ourselves in trial.

Lastly, we have equal rights.  Women have the right to vote.  People of different races are supposed to be treated fairly.  This also pertains to those who are handicapped.

These are some of the rights and privileges we have.  Every citizen should be proud to have these rights.  That is why I am proud to be an American.

    Grades 7 through 12
What Kind of American am I?
Ashley Craft
9th Grade
First Place

I've asked myself this question plenty of times. What kind of an American am I when I can stand by watching a neighbor beat his wife and kids, yet say nothing? I'm failing them as my neighbors and brothers. What kind of American does it make me when I hear my friend bear false witness in the court of law, yet say nothing? I'm breaking a commandment and failing my friend. 

I'd like to say that I'm an American citizen that upholds every law, every commandment, follow my country's constitution to a T, but again, I would be failing, letting my country down by lying.

Because like every other human I make mistakes, big or small they all measure up the same.

So what could make me a great American? It starts with one person and moves to the next; everyone must make an effort for anything to change. We need God put back into the schools, court rooms and congress. 

The foundation of our country was built on the truth and the word of God, and you cannot move away from that without destroying the nation.

We need honesty, and love for our neighbors, a willingness to help those out who are less fortunate. America is known as the land of the free. Where are our wars on drugs, guns, and alcohol getting us? It's not a war on those things, it's a war on personal freedom. Laws trying to stop these things won't, because our penalty for wrong in America is nothing. 

So what kind of American am I? I'm an American with a goal in mind to change, starting with me and moving on to the next person, and the next... and hopefully one day our country will be like it once was intended to be, and with God as our father may He let it happen.