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    WyCAS Testing Yes or No?
In March, the editor of the Thermopolis Independent Record published an editorial about WyCAS testing all students, including homeschooled students.  In response to the editorial, a letter was submitted by Dennis and Libby Meier.  To read the articles published in the Thermopolis Independent Record, please click here.
    Welcome to HomeschoolHub!
HomeschoolHub has been running for several months now.  The purpose of this website is to provide homeschoolers in Wyoming's Big Horn Basin information on upcoming events and services.

This website isn't very large at the moment.  With the support from homeschoolers who submit information this website will grow and contain up-to-date information.  Included in this website are Events, Services, and Links.

Thank you for taking some time in viewing this website!  Information on contacting HomeschoolHub is located below.

Alan Ferguson

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